#A Woman# She’s a tree that produces different kinds of fruits that makes life either sweet or Bitter, and she’s a seed that every human being on earth needs to feel COMPLETE, be it a mother, Sister, a friend or a Wife. AfterAll it’s said that behind every successful man, there must be a woman by his side which means for a man to become successful and shine in many flying Colours, that there’s a woman whom has cared, pampered, Tolerated, cheered, Prayed, and Encouraged him to keep pushing no matter what, and such woman never gives up even when she’s seeing results because she wouldn’t want her man to go down again. I want every man to understand that a woman is a pillar of every hope, if you insult and abuse her that means you have sinned against God who made your existence to be known through a woman. If she’s right In front of you learn to cherish her, and never get tired of loving her. Never you bring the Baggage of your exes to your present relationship# Never you compare your woman to any other woman out there for that will make her feel less about Herself# As a woman learn to be yourself and value your true worth# You are a very special being made to be loved and celebrated and not abused# Say No to anything that doesn’t grow you# Be of a good cheer always Ladies#Be a woman that every man will be proud to have# Be his cheerleader#And Lastly Give him Peace#

Worry less

So long you are Breathing I’d like to encourage you to stop Worrying, you wanna know why? Because you’re much more of a greater advantage than those people in the Hospitals struggling with their lives, those in the prison that have been denied of their freedom…. So why then do you worry? Some has refused to catch a sleep because a deal/business they hoped on didn’t work the way they planned, Hey! Who told you God isn’t planning something bigger for you? I’d like to remind you that as far as heaven is far from the earth so is God’s ways and thoughts different from Ours. So if I were you, I will learn to chill more no matter the situation knowing that God is the only God who knows the end from the beginning. So what may seem as a Disappointment to us might be a mouth watering blessing in Disguise. #Fear Not# Be still And Believe God is already there# Have faith#Stay strong#Stay Fighting# pray Ceaselessly#

The price of a polygamy 

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Here in Africa, female genital mutilation was practised because of lack of knowledge,the women who dragged their girl child to be mutilated was so ignorant about the damages it does to the girl child at the later age,some even lost their child because of bleeding and the pains the poor child felt. Wherever you are please kindly say no to female genital mutilation. #Peace#Spread the word#


Only Eagles Soar, They soar very far above and they are loved and admired. We can soar above negativities only when we tend to look up and wear bravery as the latest fashion. No matter how you were raised,where you come from,your age or complexion… You too can soar higher than an eagle,when you soar you are loved and cherished. Smiles